Food Grade Warehouse Facilities:

A M-C supports AIB, Cook Thurber and Pine Consulting third party sanitation audits annually. USDA Inspection offices are on site.

Across the Dock Services:

Palletized and buffer storage of inbound high cube SKUs

Pallet Quantity Storage Rates:

For special buys, holidays buy or overflow storage

Store Order Filling:

Orders can be picked to be returned to your distribution center for consolidation with the balance of the store order or selected items can be picked to load onto your trucks for delivery.

Delivery Services:

A M-C owns and operates a fleet of trucks and trailers (both ambient and refrigerated) for redelivery or our customers’ delivery needs.

Customized Storage and Distribution:

A M-C can handle your special promotional and holiday ad products which can relieve your warehouse of high cube items such as turkeys, hams, briskets, franks, cheese, etc. This can reduce your labor costs by lowering warehouse and driver overtime and could also allow improved store deliveries at time of sale.

Turnkey Distribution and Warehousing:

AM-C can receive, warehouse, select, distribute and deliver your products to your distribution center or your customers.

Computerized Inventory:

A M-C will keep all inventory records on our computer system or will gladly use your system.

Real Time Inventory Reporting:

A M-C customers can retrieve inventory reporting in real time via the internet thru the E-Z view upgrade to our computer system.

With any the above methods, your company will continue to maintain your own records, buy and own your inventory. Your company will also continue to keep all deal slotting and buying gains. Your company can use whatever support personnel you feel necessary to monitor quality control, storage temperature of your products, order selection and sanitation.

A M-C has assembled a professional staff with many years experience in retail distribution including order selection of up to 250,000 cases per week with an accuracy level that exceeds industry standards. Our staff is accustomed to handling high volume movements at all times, especially during the peak holiday seasons.

Let A M-C Warehouses put our distribution facilities and staff to work for you at a fixed cost which will allow your company to forgo expensive capital expenditures.