Our Company

With close to 50 years of experience AM-C Warehouse (Company) offers complete solutions for 3rd Party Warehousing and Distribution Services.

Currently with 2 physical locations, the Company is strategically located in the Great Southwest Industrial Business District between Dallas and Fort Worth with direct access to and from all major thoroughfares.


Alexander Barnett, PresidentEarned The Heritage Registry Award for his contribution to the Growth of the Warehouse and Distribution Industry and was nominated for Who’s Who in Dallas/Fort Worth District Small Business Person of the Year
Robert Phillips, Vice PresidentChosen to be a recipient of the “Food Logistics Champions: Rock Stars of the Supply Chain” Award as an influential individual in the food/beverage industry whose achievements, hard work, and vision have shaped and continue to attain milestones in safety, efficiency, productivity and innovation throughout the global food supply chain.

Warehouse Inventory Management System

Inventory is managed through MAVES with capabilities for:

  • Real Time Data
  • Stock Availability
  • Activity Reports
  • Product Lot Stock Balance
  • Existing Holds Accountability
  • 5-minute Recall
  • Customer System Access
  • Less than .0005% shrinkage and/or damage levels
  • FIFO /or Client Specific
  • EDI, RF, and SAP

Food Safety and Security Certified

AM-C Warehouse is committed to the safe operation of our facilities to protect our employees, our customers’ product, the public, and the environment. This is accomplished by developing and implementing proven management, security, and sanitation programs.

Further, we are a continuous holder of annually administered Government Food Defense (USDA) and 3rd Party Food Safety (FSNS) Certificates of Excellence

AMC Warehouse is a fenced facility equipped with 24/7 central station alarm system and video surveillance

Visitor Policy including, but no limited to Vendors is implemented to regulate any/all access to the facility

The Fire Alarm system has scheduled maintenance by Tyco Integrated Security, as well as annual inspection and certification by Fire Power Systems

Pest Control is outsourced to Massey Commercial Services with combined 80 exterior and 220 Interior Stations

AMC Warehouse has developed and implemented proven food safety storage and handling procedures that are included in the company’s GMP and HACCP manual. Those include, but are not limited to:

  • Shipping/Receiving Inspection
  • Seal Verification
  • Appointment/Driver Verification
  • Glass/Wood Policy
  • Allergen Control Policy
  • Storage Handling Procedures

AM-C Warehouse has a dual refrigeration system which prevents business interruption in case of a system failure. Full time License “A” Refrigeration Engineer and a permanent maintenance staff are hired to monitor and detect any potential hazards with the system.

In addition, the company has two physical facilities that could be used to transfer product in case of an emergency.
AM-C Warehouse holds certificates of insurance for General Liability, Auto, Cargo, Warehouse Legal, Workers Compensation by A and A+ graded Insurance Carriers